Fall 2018 Trends

🍂What is the first thing that you think about when you think about fall? 🍂

For me, it is when our days start getting shorter (i blame daylight-savings)  and my coffee orders come in holiday cups.   LA begins to get a bit colder reminding me of a fresh San Fransisco breezy morning and the fact that I can finally layer up at night. 

I change my closet from summer wear to winter wear.  Doing a closet clean out, I throw away or donate clothing and box away summer items until next year.  I then take out all my boots, coats, and scarfs from storage.  During this season I love to wear warm tones mostly neutrals and black.  Below I have made a list of trends for this fall season.  As you can tell beige, brown, and black are top colors picked every fall.  

1. Animal Print 🐍

Snake and Leopard prints are a big hit this season. You can wear these looks on a sweater, skirt, dress, and even boots.  They give your style a pop of color.  

2. Coats and Oversized Sweaters 

I know last year the teddy bear sweater 🐻was everyone’s favorite and I am happy to say it is a huge hit again this year! And I am not complaining about this fashion trend. 

3. Cowboy Boots 👢

I love wearing boots year round. Fall is the perfect transition from slippers to boots. They keep you warm, and you can style them with a casual look or a night out.

A trend I am loving is a chic cowgirl boot. Designers like Fendi, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton are on board for a chic cowgirl look creating a sleek boot for the city girl. Living in a city where we have horses and ranches my friends and I are always wearing our cowboy boots. It makes me happy to see how city girls are also embracing this look. It’s incredible to see how creative girls get in styling their boots for a city day.  I’ve dressed up my boots for a day at the rodeo, but it’s cute to see how someone would dress them when they are nowhere near a horse or dirt.

Photo Via (1) LornaLuxe (2) Negin Mirsalehi

Photo Via (1) Pamela Allier (2) WeWoreWhat – Danielle Bernstein

4. Turtle Necks 

If there is anything you buy this season, it should be a turtleneck. I cannot emphasize this enough. Remember this is the time when people begin to get sick. Not only can you style your turtleneck, but it will prevent you from getting a cold or being cold. And no one wants to be sick for the holidays. I am not trying to be sick this year, or my brother will not let me near my niece. Therefore, I am staying warm and healthy😉

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